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Tom Crosby

We regret to inform our class, per his wife Gloria, of the passing of our classmate Tom Crosby on December 1, 2020.  His sister Kathy Crosby Davis has posted a very nice obituary at the website of Cochrane Wagemann Funeral Home:

Tom has left behind many friends from our class, and we send our sincere condolences to all of his family and friends.  He will certainly be missed.

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12/17/20 07:27 PM #1    

Martha Kercheval (Parnell)

My sympathy and condolences to the family of Tom Crosby and in gratitude for all the lives he touched and what he meant to so many.  May you be comforted.  Sincerely, Martha Jeanne Kercheval Parnell

12/18/20 10:14 AM #2    

Paul Tadao Suwa

I am so sorry to hear of Tom's passing.  My condolences go out to Gloria and Tom's family and his sister Kathy. Tom and I met playing baseball and our friendship grew to being really good friends throughout our high school years.  We had a lot of fun and got to know each others family really good.  Tom was a gentle, shy person, who did not let his speech issues hold him back.  We lost touch with each other for years until bumping into each other at the International Hunting and Fishing Expo.  We got caught up with each others lives since high school.  My memories of Tom brings nothing but joy and I cherish the friendship we had.

12/19/20 12:41 AM #3    

Rebecca "Becci" Viratos (Hanna)

Paul, a very touching tribute!

12/19/20 11:24 AM #4    

Beverly Stevens (Edwards)

That is a beautiful obituary and very sincere and touching friends' comments.  I did not know Tom well in high school but do remember him as quiet and shy.  He obviously touched many lives and I'm sure will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him. My sincere condolences to his friends and family.

12/19/20 12:32 PM #5    

Ralph Petersen

My sister called me to tell me of Tom’s passing. We played baseball together from little league thru high school and legion. I was always happy when I got home to see Tom’s bike on the front lawn and then we would do what young teens would do—eat, watch TV, take a run past the Meister way girls houses. Tom was my best man when I married. Tom, I know we’ll meet again in Dodger Blue in that stadium in the sky. My condolences and LOVE to Tom’s wife, family members and his sister—Kathy. Love always, Ralph. 

12/19/20 07:37 PM #6    

Mary Wells

My heart goes out to Gloria and their children and grandchildren and his sister Kathy. I didn't know Tom well, but remember him as a very kind person - and very unasuming considering his athletic accomplishments. 

12/20/20 12:27 PM #7    

Ron Cirincione

Tom was was a childhood friend, starting with elementary school, who lived just a few doors down the street.  Memories have faded as the years have passed but I still remember playing catch with Tom in his driveway.  He loved baseball.  We lost touch over the years but it's nice to hear that he lived a good and succesful life.  Sad to hear of yet another classmate passing.  My condolences to his friends and family.

12/20/20 10:14 PM #8    

George Penter

Tom and I were best friends starting in elementary school at Theodore Judah. Tom's house backed up to the playground at Theodore Judah and I'm pretty sure I remember after 65 years they had a gate in their backyard that opened up onto the school playground so that Tom and his friends could go out and play baseball. I lived at 110 Coloma Way about a mile away from Theodore Judah and in the spring and early summer I would ride my bicycle over to Theodore Judah about 7:30 in the morning which was about an hour before school started so that I could meet up with Tom and the guys and play "workups" for an hour before school started because we just loved baseball so much. Tom was a great guy and a great friend!!
George Penter

12/21/20 02:48 PM #9    

Bob Goulding

Bob Goulding  Tom and I played high school and American Legion together we were really good friends, he was a outstanding pitcher. Out of high school we kind of went our separate ways but in the last couple of years we got back in touch. I got him to attend our 55th high school reunion his only one he had attended he said he really enjoyed the reunion and was sorry he hadn"t attended the other reunions in the past. I thank his wife Gloria for getting Tom to attend. Tom will be missed but not forgotten rest in peace my good friend. My condolences to the family. .





12/21/20 06:56 PM #10    

Steve Scott

I was so sorry to hear about Toms passing.  My thoughts go out to Gloria, his family and sister Kathy.  Tom was a long time school friend starting at Theodore Judah.  We played Little League together on the back diamond when we were in the sixth grade.  During our High School years I would stop at Tom's house on the way home to hang out.  Both of Tom's parents worked so we had the house to ourselves, always give Kathy and her friends a hard time.   I have always remembered and cherished  those fun carefree idle days.   After years of trying we finally got Tom to attend our last class renuion.   I was so glad to be able to visit with him and Gloria reliving some of our great past memories.

My thoughts and prayers to his family, Kathy and friends.



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